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Isoo Bakcup Help - System Restore
This article explains how to restore system using Isoo Bakcup with the Windows runs well. As a matter of fact, Isoo Bakcup supports several boot options, which guarantee the system restore can be performed even when Windows can't boot normally. For more information please click Boot Options.

Launch Isoo Backup
Start Isoo Bakcup and click the button "Restore".
Isoo Backup Interface
If the software is launched for the first time, a message box will come up. If you select "Yes", the program starts to back up system.
Isoo Backup
Configure restore parameters
Next, select a time point you want to restore. At the same time remarks written in previous backup are displayed.
Configure backup parameters
Click "Next" button and the program will show information for confirmation.
Configure backup parameters
Restore system
Then Isoo Bakcup prompts to restart computer. Besides, the following operation might be blocked or warned by anti-virus software as it involves disk's underlying part. And there's no need to be unrested, Isoo Bakcup won't do any harm to computer!
Backup system
Click "Start" button and then click "OK" to confirm the operation, and Isoo Backup starts to back up system.
Backup system
The restore speed is as fast as system backup. If you didn't modify default settings, Isoo Bakcup will restart to Windows when the system restore is completed.
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