About Isoo
Isoo Technology is an up-and-coming software developer of data recovery, disk partition management, data backup & restore. Our mission is to protect data security for home and business users all over the world by providing easy-to-use and reliable software and services.
About Isoo
Isoo Backup
Isoo Backup and recovery software is designed for both Windows PC and Server users to backup & restore operating system. Its user-friendly wizard and advanced technologies make it quite easy to backup entire system to an image file, so that you can safely restore Windows once system crashes, slows down or infects virus.
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    Data Recovery Software
    Recover lost data & partition from different storage devices such as HDD, external HDD, USB flash drive, SD card, virtual disk, etc.
  • About Isoo
    Free Partition Manager
    Cutting-edge disk partition manager software helps resize/split partition, copy disk, repair bad sectors, convert MBR to GPT, etc.
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    Backup & Restore
    Effective backup software enables to back up system and individual files, image disk/partition, etc., keeping your data always protected.
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About Isoo
Your software is a lifesaver indeed! I installed it a year ago and created several backups afterward. Just now I restored the blue screen laptop to a working state. Thank you for the great efforts in the software.
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Isoo Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: 4F, Building 6, Guangshunhouxiandaicheng, Yanshan Street Qinhuangdao City, China
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About Isoo
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