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Isoo Bakcup Help - Advanced settings
When Isoo Bakcup backs up system, it sets optimal parameters in line with the actual disk conditions. Also, you can make these settings on your own.
In most cases, the default settings are optimal, thus it's not advisable to modify these default settings unless you know system backup and restore very well!
Get Isoo Bakcup started and click "Backup" button on the main interface, and then you'll see the follwing interface:
system backup
Click the button "Options" to get the following message box through which you can modify related parameters.
system backup
Here is the detailed explaination of the above parameter settings:

Select system parttion

Select the system partition you want to back up, especially when there is more than one system on your computer.

Save to partition

Appoint a partition to save the backup file.

Backup type

If you check the option "Incremental Backup", the program backs up changed parts only compared with last backup; if you leave the option unselected, the program will carry out full backup.

Compression mode

The way to compress files. And the better the qulity is, the smaller the backup file, which saves space but need more time.

Time points

The program lists all time points and remarks for reference and provides a function to delete the last time point by clicking the button "Remove the last time point".

The following files (folders) will be excluded:

Isoo Bakcup can identity and exclude those useless files of system partition, which improves backup efficiency. Special requirements can be met by adding or deleting particular files or folders by clicking buttons "Add" or "Remove".

To ensure system can be restored when the Windows corrupts, please install the following boot options

Check the option "Install it to the current Windows..." and you can enter Isoo Bakcup through boot menu when Windows is booting.

Check the option "Install it to a new hidden partition...", you can start Isoo Bakcup by pressing F11 key before Windows is started.

For more information about Isoo Bakcup startup options, please click Boot Options .

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